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Dolls Houses

Please feel free to contact Kevin to discuss your ideas for a detailed no obligation quote


At the very start of the process after discussing what you are looking for in your house with Kevin, he will sketch up his interpretation of your wishes and send you copies of the drawings, he will alter anything you ask him to before starting the build. You will receive regular updates including photos so you can make decisions at the key stages of the build. The following photos are of a commission undertaken for a customer in Lytham St Anne. She specifically wanted two houses that she could use as one for her own collection now, but which could be easily separated in the future so she could give one house to each of her two granddaughters. The final photo shows the result, which has the two houses connected by a central piece of paving, a connecting wall across the rear with a dummy door in it, another connecting piece at high level across the front of the houses and an extra strip of paving extending the full length across the front. All of these pieces are either freestanding or held in place with magnets so the houses can be separated in a matter of minutes.


Kevin welcomes commissioned orders, the process of which would be along the following lines:

Contact Kevin to discuss the size of house you require, along with your budget, after which Kevin will sketch an outline of the elevations and plans for you to approve, to include window and door positions, and window sizes and shapes. You will also be able to choose what colour stain you want your wood work to be, and even specify any Dulux or Crown matt emulsion colour you want the external walls to be.

You will then be asked for a deposit, on receipt of which the build of your house will start.

During the whole build process Kevin will update you at regular intervals, emailing you photographs of your house at the various stages of build, which you can keep as a record of your personalised dollhouse build. For anyone who lives close enough, they will be welcome to come along in person to see the house during its build. At the appropriate stages of the build you will be involved with decisions with regards to how many lights you want, and the position of them, along with ceiling beam positions and even the style of fire surround you want.

The final choices you will be asked to make will be with regards to the roof tile colour you want, and the colour of the paved areas, and whether you want your house weathered/aged or not. Weathering can always be done after the house is finished as it is relatively easy to weather a house that is not weathered, but impossible to un-weather a house that is.


Discuss delivery or collection of your house, and enjoy it for the years to come.